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Representatives of 16 associations from 14 countries from Central-Northern Europe developed a web site for event organizers in the quarantine and post-quarantine period.


The list of topics this website is targeted at includes:


  • a guideline for the preparation and organization of events with precautions against COVID-19 infection,

  • a description of the situation in 14 countries of Central Northern Europe today,

  • the definition and composition of the leading players in the event industry with recommendations for calculating their impact on the industry and the economy,

  • an example of a survey to calculate the impact on local markets,

  • relevant articles and observations on the development and survival of the industry in the post-quarantine period.



«The MICE  sector is all about the encounters and cooperation. Our mission is to bring together people and to generate new opportunities and ideas. It is natural that in the moment of crisis, we join forces to bring the sector back, as it is in the nature of our community. The events industry represents a binder that unites multiple agents that boost the cultural and economic ventures. #WeAreLive is much needed initiative that communicates the value and impact of our sector on economies, societies and culture»,


  • Alicja Głuszek, PHD, CEO at Front of House Fundation  




"We’ve created a website that you can use to get the information collected from event associations from CEE. In a time when we can’t be together, it’s important to remember what events can accomplish. We tried to support the events industry by making a european, uniform guidelines and approaches for the EVENTS sector"


  • Mary Kirillova, CEO at Baltic Event Industry Club




«Event industry is the industry which has taken the worst hits during the COVID-19 quarantine period. Our industry is easy to cancel but very difficult to open again. It will take at least weeks to get events running and all the big summer events are totally cancelled - possibility to return to business will be earliest on next summer. Event industry companies will suffer of this quarantine period for years. We need to work together to survive this crisis. Economy needs events and people need encounters».


  • Kati Kuusisto, CEO at Finnish Event Association




“In addition to the social responsibility of events for the society, the economic importance of the MICE industry is also essential for the overall economy. Other sectors such as gastronomy, hotels and travel industry won’t be able to survive without business meetings and events. The International Live Events Association supports the #WeAreLive initiative”.


  • Christian Seidenstuecker, President ILEA Europe, Germany




«Russian Event Marketing Association (REMA) is doing it's best to ensure that Russian event management industry comes back to normal. That involves an international dialogue with event professionals all over the world. We are happy to be a part of #WeAreLive project made up of event associations from Central-Northern Europe. We try to support our colleagues and partners through information and experience exchange. Together we work every angle to ensure that all events are safe for the participants and organizers».


  • Boris Alkhimovich,  REMA member

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Due to Coronavirus outbreak and the situation Event industry was involved, BEIC, together with other event associations from the Northern Europe, made an Appeal to the Euro Parliament that contained data from each country, in the hope that this will support our cause as an industry to be more visible and appreciated by national governments.

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