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BEIC (Baltic Event Industry Club) is a network of leading event agencies from Germany, Poland, the Baltic countries, Russia, Finland and Scandinavia.


Our main task is to develop the live communications industry, the exchange of experience, the organization of specialized events, and assistance in finding reliable partners.


BEIC members are constantly work with each other:

if they have to find partners in other countries, they have to send a brief to local BEIC members. If they have any challenge with their Client, they can always ask for advice from the agency who have already worked with same brand. If they need to find certain supplier, they can always send a request to the local Country Head.



The association consists of:

  1. CEO

  2. Country head/BEIC board

  3. Association members


Country heads are responsible for the new members from their country. They solve internal issues.

They approve or refute new members.

They are responsible for the BEIC promotion in their region. 

They can apply for termination of membership of one of participant



Association Projects:

  • BEIC’s main goal is the industry’s development by sharing professional knowledge, by organizing of and participating in professional industry events all over the Baltic Sea Region

  • BEIC members work and collaborate with each other

  • We advertise our unique experience in organizing events in Northern Europe

  • BEIC’s key projects: Forum and Awards

  • BEIC members participate in international industry conferences and meetings

  • BEIC provides industry shows and exhibitions with speakers 

  • BEIC collaborates with over 20 media partners all over the world

  • BEIC organizes FAM trips to promote the destinations

  • BEIC organizes employees exchange among BEIC members

  • BEIC promotes itself in monthly newsletters and in social media, and by different media partners

  • BEIC’s members meet 2 times per year: Main annual meeting, interim meeting



You can become the part of the BEIC Family in case you are:

  1. Desire to share experiences and ideas. 

  2. Want and need to cooperate in with other european event agencies.

  3. Have more than 7 years of experience on the market

  4. 70% of your turnover comes from  event management

  5. You are ready to share our rules and follow our Code of Conduct

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