Network of event professionals in the Baltic Sea Region

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Russia



Baltic Event Industry Club (BEIC) is a Network of event professionals from all over the Baltic Sea Region. Our main goal is the industry’s development by sharing professional knowledge, by organizing of and participating in professional industry events and by collaborating with each other. 
Our focus is on developing the event industry in the Baltic Sea Region, overcoming challenges and increasing collaboration with clients.


01 / BEIC is responsible for 2 key events for the industry: Baltic For Events Forum and Pan-Baltic Event Awards
02 / BEIC holds a database of recommended and verified event suppliers, venues, artists, freelancers & partners that can be involved in any type of event in the Baltic Sea area
03 / BEIC helps its members grow and opens new opportunities for their clients
04 / BEIC runs the international newspaper “OCTOPUS” that is dedicated to the event industry
05 / BEIC makes over 5 workshops and meet-ups in the Baltic Sea Region yearly (Baltic For Events: local chapter)
06 / BEIC promotes event services in the Baltic Sea Region on a pan-European level by participating in international B2B events, workshops and exhibitions


01 / BEIC is responsible for two key industry events: Baltic-Nordic Event Forum and Baltic-Nordic Event Awards
02 / BEIC members are one of the most powerful agencies in their countries. They all have international Clients and participate in international tenders. They work together to offer best services for their Clients in over 10 different countries
03 / BEIC promotes event services in the Baltic Sea Region on a pan-European level by participating in international B2B events, workshops and exhibitions
BEIC’s administration is responsible for promoting its members' services on the local and international level.
It also ensures the execution of entry agreements among members.
BEIC members can come only from the following countries: Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, with a maximum of 3 agencies per city.
Every 2 years BEIC members choose the BEIC Board (Country heads) of the region who are responsible for any kind of consultancy and communication with BEIC's administration.
BEIC’s Friends can come from any country, with no limit on quantity.
BEIC Friends Club is the community of suppliers who support BEIC members events.





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  • Receive briefs from other BEIC members and participate in international tenders!

  • Preferential participation in BEIC industry partnership programs as speakers or participants (exhibitions, thematic round tables, seminars, conferences, meetings and other events);

  • Free online and offline media promotion​;

  • 1 free ticket to the Baltic-Nordic Forum​;

  • 2 free applications to the Baltic-Nordic Event Awards

  • Free consultation with BEIC's administration regarding any type of live communication;

  • Preferences and discounts from certified partners and potential contractors of BEIC;

Becoming BEIC member means to represent your country and country service

on international level. 


  • Receive the briefs from BEIC members and participate in more events!

  • Free consultancy with BEIC's administration regarding any type of live communication

  • 1 free ticket to the Baltic For Events Forum (1 day event)

  • Unique opportunities for the development of regional contacts.


​As members:

  • The applicant has successfully operated for at least five years on the market;

  • The applicant has to spend at least 70% of its turnover on events;

  • At least five recommendations from clients who have worked primarily with them;

  • 5 finished projects with high levels of complexity, size and quality in the previous year;

  • They are their own legal entity and have commercial registration;

  • They can demonstrate professional services and honest business practices;

  • They agree to join the current Country heads;

  • They have to operate in the Baltic Sea Region.

In the Friends Club:

  • BEIC Friends can come from any country with no quantity limits.

  • For event suppliers, a recommendation from current BEIC event head is requested;

  • BEIC Frends are to be approved by BEIC Administration. 

Need more information? Read the FAQs.


The membership fee is 1800 euro per year

The Friends Club fee is 600 euro yearly



If you plan to organize your event in the Baltic Sea Region, we are always happy to help.
In case you need partners, an agency or a supplier, we are always happy to advise.
If you you need to promote something in the Pan-Baltic area, we are here for you.


BEIC oversees the following projects

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